Fun Activities For You and Your Friends When Visiting The Philippines

Fun Activities For You and Your Friends When Visiting The Philippines
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An archipelagic country composed of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines won’t disappoint when it comes to fun activities. For sure, the country’s tagline: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” speaks a lot about what you can expect in this Asian country.

Although the Philippines contends to a myriad of natural elements, such as active volcanoes, frequent typhoons, and other harsh weather conditions, there are many natural wonders and exciting activities that await tourists.

Here are some fun-filled activities that you and your friends can enjoy while in the Philippines:

Sing your heart out with the Filipino Karaoke

There’s probably no other country more enamored to the Karaoke than the Philippines. Equipped with high tech and loud sound systems, colorful lights, and flashy video display, the Filipino Karaoke is a mainstay in almost any gathering. From birthdays through graduations to weddings and funerals, you’d surely find the Karaoke. Everyone in this country loves to sing and you too should give it a try.

Rest and relax in the world-famous Boracay

Located in the central part of the Philippines, the island of Boracay is well known for its powdery, white beaches that stretch for around 7 km. Thousands of tourists flock the island to splurge and relax under the sun while enjoying idyllic views. The island is dotted with hotels, restaurants, cafes, diving shops, and various other entertainment stalls. Expect non-stop entertainment while in Boracay – there are fire shows, live music, beer parties, and many more.

Go “malling” at luxurious malls

Philippine malls are definitely world-class, in terms of architectural beauty and selection of stores. If shopping is your thing, then make sure to include malling in your itinerary. The sprawling SM Mall of Asia or MOA which covers 4.2 million square feet is perhaps the best mall to visit. Here you can find a myriad of entertainment options, wide selection of restaurants, and a full line up of stores. You’d probably need a whole day to check out just this mall. Plus, there’s a towering Ferris wheel right across the MOA where you can have a bird’s eye view of the mall’s surrounding areas.

Be entertained or try your luck at a casino

Just around the airport are the plush casinos, like City of Dreams, Resorts World Manila and Okada Resort Manila. These luxurious integrated casino resorts offer a wide array of entertainment options. You can bet at any of the regular casino games, watch concerts or live performances, dine at gourmet restaurants, party at a bar, and many more. But if you think your first visit to the Philippines means luck, then you shouldn’t miss betting at the casino. Take note that the prizes in these integrated casinos dwarf the daily winnings from the Philippine lottery.

Experience the local lifestyle

When you visit a country like the Philippines, you shouldn’t miss experiencing the local culture. Make sure you try riding the “King of the Road” – the Jeepney. If you want to be a bit more laidback, you can go ride the caleza or horse-drawn carriage, usually around the Intramuros or Spanish-era edifices in Manila. For those who want to get a taste of the Filipino cuisine, you ought to try traditional dishes like Adobo, Sisig, Sinigang, Lechon, and Kare-Kare.

Finally, make sure you experience the unique Filipino nightlife, which means street foods, local beer and lots of laughter! This is probably the best way to have fun in the Philippines. The Filipinos are truly a bunch of warm, hospitable and happy folks! Come and see why it’s more fun in the Philippines!